Can releases of fuel ethers in soil and water be cleaned up?

Yes, fuel ether contamination can be cleaned up in the soil and water by using well-proven remediation technologies such as air stripping, granular activated carbon (GAC), advanced oxidation, and soil vapour extraction (SVE).

Traditional “pump and treat” technologies available for water plants have been proven effective in remediation of petrol-contaminated water, even if it contains fuel ethers. In the event of a contamination incident, activated carbon cartridges installed at the tap could be utilised as a temporary solution. These household filters have been commonly used for many years by private consumers to remove off-taste and odour from drinking water, and the devices work well for petrol components, including fuel ethers. No matter what method is used, the key issue in groundwater remediation is immediate action to eliminate the contamination source, usually a piece of leaking equipment or contaminated soil.

The problem of fuel ethers in groundwater is not inherent to the products themselves, but can arise when the products are not handled correctly.

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