Why use fuel ethers?

Fuel ethers have many properties making them excellent petrol components for environmental and technical reasons. Their high performance, cost-effectiveness and ease of blending make them ideal substitutes for other fuel additives/components.

Lead was traditionally added to petrol to prevent engine “knock”. Lead is, however, a toxic compound, and petrol which contains lead deactivates catalytic converters. For these reasons, it has been phased out in almost all areas of the world.

Fuel ethers have high performance characteristics and are ideally suited to produce unleaded petrol. Adding oxygen to petrol allows more complete combustion of the fuel and this reduces exhaust emissions of CO (carbon monoxide). When used as part of the petrol formulation, ethers lead to a reduction in emissions of exhaust pollutants such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and PM (Particulate Matter). Reducing these pollutants improves air quality.

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