Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, a Polish national, joined Sustainable Fuels in September 2017 as the new Secretary General.

Ewa has a background in public affairs as she worked in Brussels-based consultancies for over 10 years, advising a wide range of corporate clients in the energy and transport sectors. In 2017, Ewa was awarded a European Excellence Award in Public Affairs. Ewa also worked for a number of NGOs and think tanks both in Warsaw and Belgium as well as for the European Commission and the Polish Ministry of Economics. A Polish national, Ewa has a Master degree in international relations and diplomacy and a post graduate education in economics and social studies. Ewa studied at Collegium Civitas and Warsaw School of Economics in Poland, as well as at Uppsala University in Sweden.

“I am really pleased to take up this position as I believe that much still needs to be done with regards to the decarbonisation of transport. Clean, efficient and high quality fuels, such as fuel ethers, play an essential role in decreasing emissions from transport. Harvesting the CO2 reduction potential offered by high quality fuels is a much needed, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, which also brings benefit European consumers, offering them a more efficient product. I very much look forward to working with the European stakeholders on this important topic.” said Ewa.

Ewa’s appointment coincides with the publication of a new leaflet that includes infographics explaining in a visually appealing way the positive impact high performing /high octane fuels can have on our everyday life.

ABOUT Sustainable Fuels

Created in 1985, Sustainable Fuels represents the voice of European producers of blending components of petrol called fuel ethers. Sustainable Fuels is recognised by the European institutions as a valuable stakeholder on fuel quality and automotive emission reduction issues. It actively promotes constructive co-operation with all stakeholders including regulators, industry, NGOs etc.