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Advocacy Team Fuels
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Health & Safety
Team (global)
The Secretariat carries out the day-to-day activities of Sustainable Fuels. Secretariat TBC
Secretary General
Thomas Vanfleteren
Technical Manager
Communication Manager
Olga Sicora
Sustainable Fuels’ General Assembly gathers European producers of fuel ethers, blending components of petrol: General Assembly Board Members Mauro Russo - Ecofuel
Michael Thol - Evonik
Penelope Pagoni - Hellenic Petroleum
Marinov Venelin - Lukoil Neftohim Burgas
Claudio Allevi - Saras
Board The Board defines the direction and strategy of Sustainable Fuels and approves the budget and financial accounts of the association. President:
Ronald Van Klaveren,
Global Business Director Co-Products,
Job Lindenbergh,
Business Manager C4 & Oxygenates Europe,
The Health and Safety Team drives the technical work and advocacy around issues related to health and safety of fuel ethers. Health and Safety Team Chair:
Erik Rushton,
Toxicology and Risk Assessment Manager
The Communication Team disseminates information about the benefits of fuel ethers.
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Communication Team Chair:
Robert Tieman,
Manager Sustainability
& Business Development,
The Advocacy Team defines and implements public affairs activities, sets positions on policy files and engages with policymakers to promote the benefits of fuel ethers. The Team is dedicated to a transparent, science-based approach towards policymaking in Europe. We are registered in the Transparency Registry as part of CEFIC registration n° 64879142323-90. Advocacy Team Chair:
Hendrik T.M. Fischer (PhD),
Manager Advocacy and Regulatory Marketing
Our work in Africa includes encouraging the development of a regulatory framework that allows the use of fuel ethers and improving the overall fuel quality. Our Africa Team is dedicated to transparent and science-based advocacy in Africa. More about our work is available on the Oxygen website. Africa Team Chair:
Hendrik T.M. Fischer (PhD),
Manager Advocacy and Regulatory Marketing
The Fuels Team drives the technical work and conducts research studies on fuels and the role of fuel ethers. Examples of the work of the Fuels Team can be found in the Publications section on our website. Global Fuels Team Chair:
Walter Mirabella,
Business Development Manager