Vision 2050

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The Challenge

We, the fuel ethers industry, are fully aware of the importance of reducing the envi­ronmental footprint of the overall automotive and fuel industries. Transport currently accounts for almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, a percentage which is rising. We share the European Union’s objective of achieving climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. Our challenge is to chart a sustainable path for transport that protects the environment while preserving the right of every European to enjoy affordable mobility.

Our Vision

We see a world in 2050 where climate neutral liquid fuels and electricity work together in a sustainable, af­fordable mobility system. The chemical and automotive industry are key to lay the foundation of a successful European future. Solutions such as high-octane fuels, advanced biofuels, 100% bio-ethers, bio-naphtha / biomass or waste to chemicals and e-fuels are some of the examples of a range of potential technical solu­tions.

Our contribution

Fuel ethers can facilitate the rapid shift to higher octane fuel, which will have an immediate and positive impact on air quality in Europe’s cities and CO2 emis­sions from the existing car fleet. By 2050, climate neutral fuels can be blended seam­lessly into the liquid fuel mix while being compatible with existing and future engine technologies.

We can help European governments fully achieve the goal of climate neutrality, while ensuring a socially fair transition for those most affected by the changes.

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