Who we are

Sustainable Fuels is dedicated to the responsible production, usage and promotion of clean, high quality, high-efficiency petrol components.

Sustainable Fuels bring together producers of MTBE | BIO-MTBE | BIO-ETBE | TAME | BIO-TAME | BIO-TAEE.

Sustainable Fuels supports and disseminates state-of-the art scientific research on the benefits and impact of fuel ethers on vehicle performance, health and the environment and advocates for science-based policymaking, through active cooperation with all stakeholders: regulators, legislators, industry, NGOs and the academic community.

Sustainable Fuels also supports global activities to improve communication on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of transport.

Sustainable Fuels currently comprises eight companies, which represent the majority of the EU ether production capacity.

Compliant with EU standards

Sustainable Fuels continuously promotes best practices for handling fuel ethers as part of its commitment to human health and the environment. Fuel ethers are registered under REACH and all necessary studies and documentation confirm that they are produced and used in a safe manner, not just in Europe but also globally.

Fuel ethers have been subjected to EU risk assessments, which confirm that fuel ethers are not mutagenic, teratogenic or reproductive toxicants. The ETBE, MTBE and TAME Chemical Safety Reports confirm this assessment. For more information please click here.

Product Stewardship

The fuel ethers industry is committed to the highest standards of production, storage and transportation of its products.

The industry has invested significantly in research to ensure that its products are produced and handled safely, minimising risks to human health and the environment.

Sustainable Fuels is an active member of various fora to address the issue of ship-related product discharges: in 2009 Sustainable Fuels was officially admitted as a participant in IKSR, the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, and is in regular contact with national authorities.

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