ARDA Refining and Specification Workshop

Posted on 21.05.2021
ARDA Refining and Specification Workshop

In line with the ARDA AFRI roadmap and consequently the directives adopted by both ECOWAS and AUC, this workshop will focus on:

  • Directives issued following the actions of ARDA
  • Conclusions and recommendations from studies conducted  by ARDA in conjunction with the AUC on cost implications of  upgrading refineries
  • Economic & technical presentations to highlight key equipment  and technology upgrades required to produce cleaner fuels
  • Modernisation of instrumentation (transition to the DC)

Hendrik Fischer, Chair of Sustainable Fuels Advocacy Team and Dan Pourreau, member of the Global Fuels team will take part and present about Oxyfuels for Refinery Optimization and Cleaner Burning Gasoline.

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