Mexico NGOs celebrate the ban of E10

In March 2021, El Poder del Consumidor (The Power of the Consumer), an NGO that protects consumer rights in Mexico, and the Citizens Air Quality Observatory (OCCA) praised the decision of the Commission on Energy Regulation (CRE) to allow ethanol blending in gasoline only up to 5.8%  instead of 10% and to ban the use of ethanol in three major metropolitan zones (Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey) due to air pollution.

To improve further air quality in Mexico, OCCA is also requesting authorities to forbid the use of ethanol in all cities and metropolitan areas that do not comply with NOM-020 on ozone standards and to update NOM-042 by adopting more efficient emission control standards.

For further information, please read Daniel Pourreau’s article about the Mexican NGOs’ views and the press release of El Poder del Consumidor.